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  • Since 1949 and throughout the years, Al Seedawi Foods Company is committed to producing top quality food products, specialized in the production of Tahina, in addition to the import, export and distribution of Agri commodities and FMCG products in the Middle East region.   
  • The company is strategically located in the United Arab Emirates and serves consumers across the region. It has a long-established existence for over six decades an additional evidence of our dedication for quality. 
  • We, at Al Seedawi Foods are committed to preserving a leadership position in the production of Tahina; always working on maintaining originality and complying with the development of the food industry.   
  • Al Seedawi Food products are a result of the traditions and the originality of our roots along with the implementation of the latest technology of the present. Our Tahina is prepared from the finest quality of 100% pure ground sesame seeds and carefully chosen ingredients which creates a delicious rich flavor, creamy texture and smooth taste.   Over the years, with unwavering commitment to quality, Al Seedawi Foods Company affirms its commitment to the application of quality management systems. We strive to continuously improve customer satisfaction and quality performance. In addition, we regularly evaluate, analyze and improve our processes and production to keep the level of our products’ competent.    
  • Our experience of more than 60 years in the sesame business makes us able to constantly supply the market with the best quality of Tahina, sesame oil and roasted sesame. Al Seedawi Foods Company technical expertise is a non-stop challenge. We have built faith and confidence of our customers worldwide with our best Tahina paste quality product.   

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